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I took a very brief look at Voracek et al. (2019). Note that GOSH plots are already implemented in metafor:


Beyond this, one can of course do all kinds of sensitivity analyses, for example by adjusting inclusion criteria, model type, estimation method, and so on. That's all pretty standard stuff and can be easily done with a simple loop in combination with meta or metafor. I see nothing here that requires an implementation in these packages.


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>Herewith enclosed is the article I was referring to.
>There is also another article on the topic, by Jenna Harder, with the codes.
>However, I was unable to follow the codes because I was unable to retrieve the
>dataset (alldata3.csv).
>All the best,
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>@Antonello: Could you send that paper to me? I don't have access to it.
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>>there is a dedicated multiverse package, that might be of interest to
>>you: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/multiverse/index.html
>>I haven't used it myself but there are several tutorials (vignettes).
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>>> Subject: [R-meta] Multiverse meta-analysis
>>> Hi everyone. We will see any soon some implementation of the so-called
>>> multiverse meta-analysis approach in 'meta' or 'metafor'?
>>> Something like what was described in Voracek et al., 2019. Zeitschrift für
>>> Psychologie, 227(1), 64–82.
>>> https://doi.org/10.1027/2151-2604/a000357
>>> The codes of Voracek are not easy to follow...
>>> Antonello Preti

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