[R-meta] Meta-analysis of mean differences

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This would not account for the non-independence between the sampling errors of d or g values coming from the same sample at different time points.


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>Hi Martin and others,
>What about the three level meta-analysis?
>Level 1: effect size between ctrl and exp group (ie, cohen's d or hedges' g),
>which are nested within
>Level 2: groups of the effect size (ie, pretest or posttest, or t1, t2, t3....),
>which are nested within
>Level 3: studies.
>In this way, you dont need to know the correlations between the pre and post test
>or among time points, the correlations are controlled for by involving a level 2,
>just like the control of the dependency in multilevel modeling.
>hope this helpful.
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>Subject: Re: [R-meta] Meta-analysis of mean differences
>Hello, thank you all.
>I don't quite understand how to test different sensitivity analyzes with
>different correlation coefficients. What had occurred to me was to use the values
>​​after the intervention in the two groups and do a meta-regression using the
>baseline LDL level as a covariate, and thus adjust the result for it, but I don't
>know if that would be correct.
>In any case, I want to explain the case again, since out there it was interpreted
>as paired measurements and it is not.
>I have group A and Group B, in each group I have a baseline value of LDL and the
>value after the intervention, and I need to meta-analyze the impact on this
>variable. I usually do it already having the difference between baseline and
>post-treatment of the two groups with their deviations, but in this case I only
>have these data to make a difference of means. That's why I also asked how to do
>it with change scores, something like that had been explained to me by gerta but
>I didn't understand.
>Thanks a lot
>Lorenzo Martín Lobo MTSAC, FACC, FESC
>Especialista Jerarquizado en Cardiología

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