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Thu Aug 25 11:25:41 CEST 2022

Dear Wolfgang,

thank you very much. All your tips are very helpful. I obtained the desired effect.

Best regards,


Barbara Ostafi�ska-Molik (Ph.D)

Jagiellonian University | Institute of Education|

Batorego 12 | 31-135 Krak�w



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Dear Barbara,

Use the 'slab' argument when either using escalc() or when fitting the model (e.g., with rma()) to set the study labels to whatever variable you like. See the documentation for examples:



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>Dear Michael,
>Thank you for your answer. This is clear.
>However, how to change the labels from the default ones to ones that will
>represent the numbers stored in a specific variable in the data.frame?
>All the best
>Barbara Ostafi�ska-Molik (Ph.D)
>Jagiellonian University | Institute of Education|
>Batorego 12 | 31-135 Krak�w
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>Temat: Re: [R-meta] Create labels for funnel plot points in metafor
>Dear Barbara
>I think you must have missed this section in ?funnel
>"With the label argument, one can control whether points in the plot
>will be labeled. If label="all" (or label=TRUE), all points in the plot
>will be labeled. If label="out", points falling outside of the pseudo
>confidence region will be labeled. Finally, one can also set this
>argument to a numeric value (between 1 and ) to specify how many of the
>most extreme points should be labeled (e.g., with label=1 only the most
>extreme point would be labeled, while with label=3, the most extreme,
>and the second and third most extreme points would be labeled). With the
>offset argument, one can adjust the distance between the labels and the
>corresponding points."
>On 17/08/2022 02:00, Barbara Ostafi�ska-Molik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am conducting  a three-level analysis in a metaphor package. I have
>encountered a problem of my funnel plot. How might I add labels to the funnel
>plot? I want the
>> effect names to correspond to the numbering of one of the variables of my
>> Unfortunately, despite various attempts, I haven't managing to achieve the
>desired effect.  I cannot find any specific provisions for putting labels into
>the funnel plots.
>> I would appreciate for  help.
>> Best Regards,
>> Barbara Ostafinska-Molik

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