[R-meta] metafor::escalc question: Confidence intervals for differences in standardized mean change -

Viechtbauer, Wolfgang (SP) wo||g@ng@v|echtb@uer @end|ng |rom m@@@tr|chtun|ver@|ty@n|
Mon May 17 14:04:22 CEST 2021

Try installing the 'devel' version of metafor. Maybe this is something that was added / fixed in the meantime:



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>Hi Wolfgang -
>Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, when I attempt to create the
>escalc object from the 'dat' dataframe, I get the error message below.
>"> new_dat <- escalc(data=dat, yi=yi, vi=vi)
>Error in escalc(data = dat, yi = yi, vi = vi) :
>  Must specify an effect size or outcome measure via the 'measure' argument."
>If I add measure = "GEN" the following error results:
>"> new_dat <- escalc(measure = "GEN", data=dat, yi=yi, vi=vi)
>Error in attributes(dat[[var.names[1]]])$ni[include & yi.replace] <-
>ni.u[include &  :
>  replacement has length zero"
>Appears I'm still missing some nuance.

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