[R-meta] Plotting interaction effect from a rma.mv() fit

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Tue Mar 16 11:12:14 CET 2021

Dear Simon,

Not aware of any packages that interface with rma.mv, but this is relatively easy to do by hand. Just use predict() with the newmods argument to compute the predicted values as a function of 'time' for each level of 'outcome' and then create a plot with those lines.


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>Dear All,
>Are there plotting packages (e.g., `effects::plot(allEffects())`,
>`sjPlot::plot_model()`, `emmeans::emmip()`  ) to plot the predictions of a
>say rma.mv() model?
>For example, is it possible to plot the interaction effect below?
>dat <- read.csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hkil/m/master/tst.csv")
>fit <- rma.mv(d ~ factor(outcome)*time, V = SE^2, random= ~1|id, data = dat)

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