[R-meta] Add a reference/citation number to author name in forest plot

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Mon Feb 8 23:36:39 CET 2021

Hi Dylan,

Depends to what extent you want to do this 'manually'. Here is an example:

dat <- dat.bcg

labs <- paste(dat$author, dat$year)
labs[1] <- expression(paste("Aronson,", plain()^1, " 1948"))

res <- rma(ai=tpos, bi=tneg, ci=cpos, di=cneg, data=dat, measure="RR", method="REML")
forest(res, slab = labs)

So here I am 'hardcoding' the author, reference number, and year number for the first study and the same could be done for the others. If you don't have a lot of studies, then this could be done by hand.

If you want to do this 'programmatically', it gets a bit more tricky, because you have to substitute values, plus generate an expression that can be used for 'math plotting'. A bit of a nightmarish solution would be:

labs <- mapply(function(x,y,z) as.expression(bquote(.(x)^.(y)*","~.(z))), dat$author, dat$trial, dat$year)
forest(res, slab = labs)


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>The journal that I am submitting to has requested that I add AMA format reference
>numbers for each article in the forest plot, in the format:
>Johnson et al.,1 2020
>Does anyone have advice for how I can go about this with the forest.rma function?
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