[R-meta] Network Meta Analysis with multiple Time points

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Wed Oct 7 17:05:32 CEST 2020

Dear Tobis,

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As for your question: Yes, metafor can in principle do this. You would have to combine methods from these examples:


(which deal with multiple estimates from the same study/group over time) with methods from these examples:


(which are examples of network MAs).

I do not have any concrete examples to illustrate this though.

You could also look into these articles:

Dakin, H. A., Welton, N. J., Ades, A. E., Collins, S., Orme, M., & Kelly, S. (2011). Mixed treatment comparison of repeated measurements of a continuous endpoint: An example using topical treatments for primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Statistics in Medicine, 30(20), 2511-2535.

Ding, Y., & Fu, H. (2013). Bayesian indirect and mixed treatment comparisons across longitudinal time points. Statistics in Medicine, 32(15), 2613-2628.

Jansen, J. P., Vieira, M. C., & Cope, S. (2015). Network meta-analysis of longitudinal data using fractional polynomials. Statistics in Medicine, 34(15), 2294-2311.

They might provide code/examples. I think all of them use a Bayesian framework for model fitting.


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>Hello All,
>I have question concerning a network Meta analysis that contains studies
>which measure their results at multiple time points. Which package can deal
>with this sort of Data? I know metafor can handle multiple time points in
>pairwise MA via multivariate methods. So it is probably possible to do that
>too? Are there any examples how to do that?

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