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Wed Mar 4 15:37:18 CET 2020

Dear Metafor Community,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have a question regarding the metafor package. I made a forest plot using
the code below. I have received feedback that, as the forest plot shows
odds ratios I should use a log scale for the x axis rather than a linear
scale, so that the CIs are symmetric around the natural log OR. I am not
sure how I would achieve that? Could you help me out, please? I would much
appreciate it.

All the best, Antonia

oddsratio = c(2.07, 0.90, 1.00, 0.82, 2.25, 0.92)
sei <- c(.43, .32, .66, .50, .70, .44)
ci.lb <- oddsratio - 1.96*sei
ci.ub <- oddsratio + 1.96*sei
study<-c("Aelenei et al., 2019", "Kulich et al., 2019a", "Kulich et al.,
2006a", "Kulich et al., 2006b", "Ryan & Haslam, 2004a", "Ryan & Haslam,
labels<-c(-2, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

forest(oddsratio, ci.lb=ci.lb, ci.ub=ci.ub, showweights=TRUE, refline=1,
       = "Odds Ratio", slab=study, alim = c(-2,8), xlim=c(-14,15),
at=labels, cex =
         0.9, ylim=c(-2,27))
addpoly(x = 1.16, ci.lb=0.69, ci.ub=1.95)

Dr Antonia Sudkämper
Researcher, OCR, Cambridge Assessment

a.sudkaemper using gmail.com

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