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Mon Mar 2 20:07:19 CET 2020

Am 19.02.20 um 11:58 schrieb Joao Afonso:
> [...]
> Previously I would get the amount of heterogeneity explain by the
> moderator with r^2. However I can't find this parameter in the output
> above. Am I missing something in my code to generate this parameter?

In a subgroup meta-analysis one typically does not report R^2.

However, you can run a meta-regression using metareg() which will call 
internally rma.uni() or rma.glmm() from metafor.


m = metaprop(nlameanimal, ssizeanimal, author, data=prevalence_2020_noout,
              method="inverse", sm="PLOGIT", method.tau="DL", 
              byvar=lcmbi, tau.common=TRUE,prediction = TRUE)


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