[R-meta] Include a study with point estimate and 95% CI into a meta-anlaysis for incidence rates

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Mon Jun 15 16:24:45 CEST 2020

I want to perform a meta-analysis for some studies with the interest lies
in incidence rates.
Many of them, the data on the number of positive cases and person-time are
However, I have one study where the authors only reported point estimate
with its 95%CI.
How do I include this study into the meta-analysis using the *metafor *

Here is an example code.

datx <- subset(dat2C, point == 1)
estimS <- escalc(measure="IRLN", xi=Num, ti=py2/1000,
                 data=datx, slab=paste(Cite))
summary(estimS, transf=exp)[8:13]
resS <- rma( yi, vi, data=estimS, method="ML")
hetS <- cbind(round( resS$QE,1),round( resS$QEp,2), round( resS$I2))
hetS # 96%

## However, how to include this study where point estimate (Inc)
## and 95% CI (Incll = lower bound, Incul = upper bound) were reported
xx <- subset(dat2C, point==0); dim(xx)

I look forward to hearing from you.

*Trần Mai Phương Thảo*
Master Student - Master of Statistics
Hasselt University - Belgium.
Email: Thaobrawn using gmail.com / maiphuongthao.tran using student.uhasselt.be
Phone number: + 84 979 397 410+ 84 979 397 410 / 0032 488 0358430032 488

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