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Sun Jun 7 00:36:43 CEST 2020

Hi, all,

I am conducting a multivariate meta-analysis using rmv in metaphor package. I wonder how rmv calculate weights for each effect sizes? I wonder if studies with more effect sizes get more total weights?

I read an article saying �The robust variance estimation methods upweight effect sizes that are estimated with greater precision (due to differences in sample sizes, level of randomization, predictive power of covariates, etc.) and downweight estimates from studies that contribute multiple effect size estimates". (Kraft,Blazar, Hogan, 2018). Is that right?

I am using rmv in metafor package to estimate the model and use coef_test in sandwich package to do significance test. Both give the same pooled effect sizes though. I understand that weights also impact pooled effect size estimate. In this case, how will robust variance estimation impact my weight mean effect size? Thanks

Best wishes

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