[R-meta] Overlapping CIs with significant difference among subgroups

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Tue Jun 2 08:48:07 CEST 2020

Dear Rafael,

CIs can overlap and yet the difference between the two levels can be significant. See, for example:




and many more (just google for "test difference overlapping confidence intervals" or something along those lines). They don't talk about meta-analysis per se, but it's the same principle.

So, you can trust the test of the difference between the levels of the moderators.


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>Dear Wolfgang and All,
>I conducted a multilevel mixed-effects meta-analysis and found differences
>between levels of two moderators. I was expecting to find non-overlapped
>confidence intervals. However, I obtained overlapped confidence intervals
>for all subgroups. How can I interpret these results? In such situation,
>should I trust in the Q-test or in the CIs? I controlled for phylogenetic
>non-independence. Is there a chance of this approach affect the estimation
>of CIs using predict function? My dataset and script are attached.
>Best wishes,
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