[R-meta] Superscript in Forest plot (meta)

Guido Schwarzer @c @end|ng |rom |mb|@un|-|re|burg@de
Thu Dec 17 19:40:09 CET 2020

Am 17.12.20 um 17:02 schrieb Tobias Saueressig:
> Dear Guido,
> that looks fantastic. This makes it even better! Thank you. For all 
> people that publish in the JAMA Network that is very helpful.

The following auxiliary R function could be handy in that case:

JAMAlabels <- function(author, year, reference) {
   res <- NA
   for (i in seq(along = author))
     res[i] <-
                                list(study = author[i],
                                     ref = reference[i],
                                     year = year[i])))

refs <- 20 + seq_len(nrow(Fleiss1993bin))
mylabs <-
   JAMAlabels(Fleiss1993bin$study, Fleiss1993bin$year, refs)

I will probably add this function to R package meta with the next update.

BW Guido

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