[R-meta] how to make a nicer forest plot

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Thu Dec 17 13:52:42 CET 2020

Dear Valeria,

Try adding at=c(-1, 0, 1, 5, 10) or wherever you would like axis marks.

You also might want to play around with the 'efac' argument to decrease the length of the vertical bars at the end of the CIs. This also affects the height of the summary polygon. You could use efac=c(0,1), the first to basically suppress the vertical lines on the CIs while keeping the polygon height unaffected (or change the 1 as deemed fit).


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>Dear list members,
>This is my code for a forest plot.
>            xlab="Log odds ratio",
>            mlab="",
>            cex=1.8,
>            slab=paste(wb$Name),
>            psize=1, header="Publication",
>            xlim = c(-2.48, 4.0),
>            ylim = c(-1.5,20),
>The plot looks ok, but the range of the X-axis is far too large.
>How can I correct it?

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