[R-meta] Formatting output from Metafor and performing Clustered Robust Variance Estimation

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On 04/04/2020 15:13, Tarun Khanna wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am using Metafor package for meta analysis in economics. I have a couple of questions though:
> 1. Are there any packages available that can take output from the rma function in Metafor and format them neatly and easily? For example the Stargazer package that can be used with OLS regression but doesn't work for Metafor package.

Not as far as I know. The output has a number of sections with different 
layouts so I think writing a general function to specify how to format 
each one would be unwieldy. You could always extract the parts you need 
ad use xtable() for instance as many of them are data.frames or ould be 
coerced to data frames.

> 2. Is there guidance available on how to correct for bias emerging from multiple effect sizes originating from the same study in the metafor package? How would you for example example estimate the model using the cluster function provide Clustered Robust Variance Estimation?

I do not see a cluster() function in metafor. Do you mean robust()? If 
you do perhaps you could specify exactly which part of the documentation 
you do not understand as people can help you better.


> Thanks in advance,
> Tarun
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