[R-meta] May I ask a question about how to extract specific values from summary(netmeta) output?

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Fri Sep 27 17:26:40 CEST 2019

Dear Dr. Guido Schwarzer,

Hope this mail finds you well.

I am writing to ask a question regarding netmeta package in R, about how to
extract specific values from the output of summary(netmeta) function.

I am considering of constructing a "2-dimensional figure" to show the
results of a network meta-analysis, which means using the x-axis to the
indicate efficacy ORs for a group of drugs and y-axis to indicate safety
ORs for the same group of drugs. I selected drug A as conference for both
efficacy and safety networks. In order to draw the scatter plot, I need to
extract information from 2 network meta-analyses. The output of
summary(netmeta)  function (if set ref=drug A) displays all the ORs
compared to drug A (which I need), however this result is not included in
the returned list. If it were in the returned list then it would be not
hard to extract, but since it cannot be found there, how can I extract
these ORs values from the output? Besides, I am wondering why the displayed
results are different from the returned list?

By the way, I have another question about the netgraph function. It seems
not to be a defaulted selection of drawing a netgraph with the size of
nodes proportional to the randomized number of patients (sample size), but
can I manage to do it by some ways?

Thank you very much!


Yan LUO, M.D., PhD candidate
Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior
School of Public Health, Graduate School of Medicine
Kyoto University
Email: luo.yan.66a using kyoto-u.jp, lilacluo using gmail.com

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