[R-meta] Moderator analysis test of residual heterogeneity confusion

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Wed Sep 18 18:26:56 CEST 2019

Good afternoon,

I am using the metafor package to run a multilevel correlated effects model. For moderator analyses, I am running them one at a time, to see how much heterogeneity each accounst for, and then I ran model with all mods to see how much variance is left to be explained they're combined. 

I have an odd a situation where there is no significant residual variance with just an individual moderator in the model, but then for a set of moderators (that includes that moderator) there is significant residual variance. How can this be?

Maybe these screenshots can help...

Single moderator results:
Moderator analysis test of residual heterogeneity confusion

All mods model results:

Thank you for your help!

My best,


Mia Daucourt, M.S.
Florida State University
Developmental Psychology PhD student
IDCD Hart lab
daucourt using psy.fsu.edu

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