[R-meta] Question about rma(measure = "COR", ..)

Jalynskij, Maria @1m@j@|y @end|ng |rom un|-tr|er@de
Mon Oct 21 15:22:22 CEST 2019

Dear all,

while conducting a meta-analysis I asked myself a few questions.

a)When I'm conduction a random effects meta-analysis with correlation-coefficients as effects sizes using

rma(measure = "COR", ri = corr, ni = n, data = data)

, does R conduct the analysis with Fisher's-z-transformed coefficients in the background and compute the main-effect results back into the r metric for the output or not?

b) Or should I use rma(measure="ZCOR", ri = corr, ni = n, data = data), and conduct the main result back by myown at the end?

In the second version the Trim and Fill method doesn't make any sense.

I would be glad about some support.



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