[R-meta] Principle component analysis VS multivariate meta-analysis

Wasim Iqbal (PGR) W@Iqb@| @end|ng |rom newc@@t|e@@c@uk
Tue Oct 15 15:29:39 CEST 2019

Dear Metafor members,

I was wondering if anyone could help unravel the reasoning behind carrying out a principle component analysis compared to a multivariate meta-analysis between outcomes.

For instance, a literature review collected data on enzyme kinetics from a range of published papers. They then analysed the relationships between the kinetic parameters using PCA. Surely, would a multivariate meta-analysis not be better since it will be taking into account any between study-heterogenity which would have otherwise been overlooked if a normal PCA was carried out?

Hope you understand what I mean.

Kind regards

Newcastle University

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