[R-meta] Version 2.1-0 of metafor Package Released on CRAN

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Wed May 15 22:56:57 CEST 2019

Dear list members,

After almost 2 years, I have finally released a new version of the metafor package (version 2.1-0). Lots of updates have been made to the package in the meantime. The full changelog can be found here:


Some of the more interesting (and user-visible) additions are the vif() function (for variance inflation factors); the reporter() function (for dynamically generating analysis reports; note that this is work in progress); output can be styled if the 'crayon' package is loaded; cooks.distance(), rstandard(), and rstudent() can compute cluster-level Cook's distances and standardized/studentized residual values for 'rma.mv' models; rma.mv() now allows for continuous-time autoregressive and various spatial correlation structures; escalc() can now compute the coefficient of variation ratio and the variability ratio for pre-post or matched designs; and various improvements to the forest() and funnel() functions.

Development of course continues via the 'devel' version on Github:


To install the 'devel' version:



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