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Tue Jul 2 16:23:17 CEST 2019

Dear Lauren,

It is not possible with R package *meta* to show symmetrical CIs (i.e. 
to use a logarithmic x-axis) and to print incidence rates per person 
years. All information is printed either on the original scale (if 
argument backtransf = TRUE, default) or on the logarithmic scale (if 
argument backtransf = FALSE).

In my view, the most natural way to plot single incidence rates (as well 
as proportions) is on the original scale (with asymmetrical CIs). 
Actually, all publications of meta-analyses with single proportions or 
rates that I know of used this scale. Thus, I would expect that a 
journal does not insist on symmetrical CIs for meta-analyses with single 
proportions or rates.

Best wishes, Guido

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