[R-meta] Obtain means and CIs while accounting for two moderators for plotting purposes in R

Jose Valdebenito Chavez jov23 @end|ng |rom b@th@@c@uk
Sun Jan 20 14:04:42 CET 2019

Dear members,

I am conducting a multivariate random-effect meta-analysis in R using the package metafor.

I am using the function rma.mv and my model has two random variables and two moderators.

I have conducted the analysis without too much trouble and obtained the effects of each moderator variable, as well as each dummy variable within these variables.

A couple of more details:

model <- rma.mv(yi, vi, mods = ~ Season + Method,

               data = d,

               random = list(~1|Taxon,




-Season: all seasons, breeding, non breading

-Method: molecular, microscopy, both

Now, I would like to create forest plots for my results, presenting on top of the plot the overall mean (after accounting for Season and Method), and then right below, the broken down results for each dummy variable within Season (while accounting only for the variable Method).

To obtain the broken down results for each dummy variable within Season I have to play around with the btt vector. However, I don�t know how can I get the overall mean and CIs values of the meta-analysis while accounting for both moderators.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Note: I know how to create the plot, I just what to obtain the numbers that I want to plot.

Many thanks


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