[R-meta] Random Effect for Continuous Moderator in Three-Level Meta-Analysis

Andrew Loignon @loignon @ending from l@u@edu
Thu Jan 10 21:07:58 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to specify a random effect for a continuous moderator in a multi-level meta-analysis using metafor. When I try to estimate a model, like the one below (using the Konstantopoulos data) I receive an error:

m2.ml <- rma.mv(yi, vi,
                random = ~ I(year-1990.591)| district,
                digits = 3,

Here's the error message:

Error: Inner variable in '~ inner | outer' term must be a factor or character variable when 'struct="CS"'.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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