[R-meta] COURSE: Meta-Analysis (3-5 December, 2018) at Maastricht University

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Fri Sep 28 09:47:46 CEST 2018

This three-day course provides a thorough introduction to meta-analysis with particular emphasis on the application of various statistical methods for aggregating and comparing the results from related studies and the interpretation of the results. The course consists of a mixture of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and computer exercises and covers not only the theoretical background, but also provides practical experience with analyzing real meta-analytic datasets. Topic covered include:    
* steps of systematic review and meta-analysis    
* computation of various outcomes measures    
* equal-, fixed-, and random-effects models    
* meta-regression and subgrouping    
* quantifying and interpreting heterogeneity    
* model diagnostics    
* publication bias    
* multilevel/multivariate/network meta-analysis    
The course is taught by Dr. Wolfgang Viechtbauer (Maastricht University), author of the 'metafor' package for R (http://www.metafor-project.org).    
Course Dates:          3-5 December, 2018    
Course Location:       Maastricht, the Netherlands    
Registration Deadline: 28 November, 2018    
Course Fee:            600 Euros    
Please see the course website (http://www.wvbauer.com/course_ma) for more details on the course contents, location, schedule, and registration information.    
Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Ph.D., Statistician | Department of Psychiatry and 
Neuropsychology | Maastricht University | P.O. Box 616 (VIJV1) | 6200 MD 
Maastricht, The Netherlands | +31 (43) 388-4170 | http://www.wvbauer.com 

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