[R-meta] Significance of the individual effects

Cesar Terrer Moreno ce@@r@terrer @ending from me@com
Mon Sep 24 18:46:05 CEST 2018

Dear all,

Suppose I have a dataset of individual studies with their effect size (yi) and variance (vi) for each individual study. E.g.:

yi <- c(0.296030858,  0.421393627,  0.189653473,  0.014600539,  0.226685055,  0.291373762)
vi <- c(0.0049627734, 0.0130962311, 0.0180149624, 0.0009402604, 0.0134568083, 0.0013970893)

I want to know whether each individual effect is significant or not (i.e. whether the confidence interval overlap with 0).

Thus, I have calculated the lower CI as: 

CI.lb <- exp(yi - 1.96*sqrt(vi))

Am I right if I assume: ifelse (yi - CI.lb <= 0, “nonsignificant”, “significant”) ?


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