[R-meta] Inquiry on metafor trimfill

Chishio Furukawa chi@hio@furuk@w@ @ending from gm@il@com
Sat Sep 22 02:12:11 CEST 2018

Dear all,

I used the "trifill" command in the metafor package, which provided various
options for estimating the heterogeneity across studies. My objective was
to estimate the coverage probabilities of the trim-and-fill method (Duval
and Tweedie 2000) for comparison with other methods.

Given the original article in 2000, I think it is adequate to use "DL"
command (standing for formula in DerSimonian and Laird 1996), but I was not
confident what methodology is most commonly used. Could I ask if there are
recommendations on which formula to use among HS, HE, SJ, ML, REML, and EB?
It appears that the estimation result of coverage probability can change
importantly depending on which method to use.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Chishio Furukawa
Phone: (090)-6487-1382

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