[R-meta] random effects MA with correlations

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Thu Sep 13 08:59:00 CEST 2018

Dear all,

Regarding  the  use of  proper procedures to estimate between-study variance/heterogeneity  (tau-squared) and its CIs, when performing random effects meta-analysis with correlation coefficients as effect sizes, using R, the "metafor" package implements REML by default when estimating tau-squared, while "metacor" uses DSL by default for examining random effects with correlation coefficients. Others suggest the Paule- Mandel method.

Thus, which is the optimal method in this case, especially when the number of studies= 20, the mean sample size=250, average r = 0.525 (95% CI= 0.411- 0.622), tau-squared= 0.10, I-squared= 98%, and correlations are converted  to Fisher's  z values? . 
Moreover, is it necessary  to apply the Hartung- Knapp method  to adjust test statistics and CIs? Should we  pay special attention to any "arguments" used in "metafor" package, when dealing with correlations?
Thanks in advance.

F. Agnew

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