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Dear Willemijn,

If 'modelINT0910' is a model fitted with rma.mv() ("three-level meta-analysis" would suggest so), then trimfill() should not work:

dat <- get(data(dat.konstantopoulos2011))
res <- rma.mv(yi, vi, random = ~ 1 | district/school, data=dat)


Error in UseMethod("trimfill") : 
  no applicable method for 'trimfill' applied to an object of class "c('rma.mv', 'rma')"

If 'modelINT0910' was fitted with rma() (= rma.uni()), then the output of trimfill() shows the number of imputed points (i.e., just print 'tafINT'). So I am not entirely sure I understand your question. Or are you asking how to include this information in the plot itself? Then 'tafINT$k0' will show the number of imputed points. You could add this to the title, for example with:

funnel(tafINT, main=paste("Number of imputed points:", tafINT$k0))


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Dear all and Wolfgang Viechtbauer,

Using the following script to conduct a funnel plot and trim&fill analyses for my three-level meta-analysis, I was wondering if it is possible to request some numbers on the amount of imputed data points shown in the trim&fill analysis?

### set up 2x2 array for plotting
funnel(modelINT0910, main="SD")
tafINT <- trimfill(modelINT0910)

Thank you in advance,

Best, Willemijn

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