[R-meta] metafor question - forest plot with subset of cumul results

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Tue Nov 27 19:40:05 CET 2018

That's exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you very much Wolfgang

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The code below creates two forest plots, showing the results from cumul() (using sample size for the ordering) for the first 10% and last 10% of the studies.



dat <- get(data(dat.mcdaniel1994, package="metafor"))
dat <- escalc(measure="ZCOR", ri=ri, ni=ni, data=dat)

res <- rma(yi, vi, data=dat, subset=head(order(dat$ni), round(.10 * nrow(dat))))
sav <- cumul(res)


forest(sav, at=seq(-1, 4, by=1), cex=.8, xlim=c(-3,6))

res <- rma(yi, vi, data=dat, subset=order(dat$ni))
sav <- cumul(res)

forest.default(sav$estimate, sei=sav$se, subset=seq(nrow(dat) - round(.10 * nrow(dat)) + 1, nrow(dat)), slab=paste("+ Study", sav$slab), psize=1, at=seq(-1, 4, by=1), cex=.8, xlim=c(-3,6))


Not sure if this is what Jose wanted.


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>Hello Michael,
>Thank you for the link! I'll definitely fall back on that if I can't
>figure this out in metafor
>Jose A. Espinoza, M.Sc.
>Ph.D. Candidate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
>Western University
>Social Science Centre, Rm. 8424A
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>Dear Jose
>Not sure how you do this in metafor but Guido outlines here
>how to do it in the meta package so you have a fall back position.
>On 18/11/2018 20:26, Jose Antonio Espinoza Mogollon wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've been trying to learn how to use the metafor package using the
>dat.mcdaniel1994 dataset included in the package.
>> This data set has 160 studies, so a forest plot of results using the
>cumul function is really hard to interpret.
>> Is it possible to create a forest plot that only displays a subset of
>the results from the cumul function (e.g., rows 1:10)?
>> I'd like to eventually create separate plots that "zoom in" on the top
>10% and bottom 10% (ordered by N) of the cumulative results.
>> Thank you for any help,
>> --
>> Jose A. Espinoza, M.Sc.
>> Ph.D. Candidate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
>> Western University
>> Social Science Centre, Rm. 8424A
>> www.iopsychwestern.com<http://www.iopsychwestern.com>

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