[R-meta] metafor question - forest plot with subset of cumul results

Jose Antonio Espinoza Mogollon je@pinoz @ending from uwo@c@
Sun Nov 18 21:26:38 CET 2018

Hello all,

I've been trying to learn how to use the metafor package using the dat.mcdaniel1994 dataset included in the package.

This data set has 160 studies, so a forest plot of results using the cumul function is really hard to interpret. 

Is it possible to create a forest plot that only displays a subset of the results from the cumul function (e.g., rows 1:10)?

I'd like to eventually create separate plots that "zoom in" on the top 10% and bottom 10% (ordered by N) of the cumulative results. 

Thank you for any help,

Jose A. Espinoza, M.Sc.  
Ph.D. Candidate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology  
Western University
Social Science Centre, Rm. 8424A  

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