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As for the model to use:

In general, you want to use: ~1|studyID/effectsizeID

Using list(~1|effectsizeID, ~1|studyID) may be correct if effectsizeID is unique for every row.

This is essentially a question of 'explicit' versus 'implict' nesting. See also:



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Dear Wolfgang,

Could you please help me again with new questions?

Should I build model1 rather than model2 to control for the dependency among studyID and effectsizeID? 

model1=rma.mv(zf, vzf, mods=~mate_choice, random=list(~1|studyID/effectsizeID, ~1|species1), data = h_mc)
model2=rma.mv(zf, vzf, mods=~mate_choice, random=list(~1|effectsizeID, ~1|studyID, ~1|species1), data = h_mc)

I used your script to calculate I² and found a high heterogeneity in my model (86.63%). 
#I²: http://www.metafor-project.org/doku.php/tips:i2_multilevel_multivariate
W <- diag(1/h_mc$vzf)
X <- model.matrix(model1)
P <- W - W %*% X %*% solve(t(X) %*% W %*% X) %*% t(X) %*% W
100 * sum(meta$sigma2) / (sum(meta$sigma2) + (meta$k-meta$p)/sum(diag(P)))

Do you have suggestions on how to handle with high heterogeneity among effect sizes? How may I conduct sensitivity tests in a multilevel meta-analysis using metafor? I identified (using a funnel plot) and removed outliers to reduce the heterogeneity and redo the model. Is this approach suitable to evaluate potential bias in results? Or are there better alternatives?

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