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Mon Nov 5 19:51:11 CET 2018

I have a question on the choice of an outcome measure in Metafor.
Given are data on asthma symptom scores, measured by a questionnaire.
The question is for a meta-analysis of the mean scores.
For instance.
Trial A: mean score 1, maximum score 9, totally 26 patients;
Trial B:  mean score 6, maximum score 60, totally 157 patients.
I suppose the data per trial are binomially distributed, in a meta-analysis 
this would be multinomial as the maximum score differs due to different 

My problem is the choice of the outcome measure.
Would it be a solution to multiply both the mean score and the maximum score 
by the number of patients for each trial, eventually followed by re-scaling. 
Then the choice for measure = proportion.

For instance:

x <- c(26.0, 942.0)

n <- c(234.0, 9420.0)

dat <- escalc(measure="PR", xi= x, ni= n, data=dat, append=TRUE)

Or is there may be a better solution?
Looking forward for your reply.

Kind regards,

Frank van Boven

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