[R-meta] Question Re: CI in metafor

Michael Dewey li@t@ @ending from dewey@myzen@co@uk
Wed May 30 12:27:28 CEST 2018

Dear Caitlin

You might want to cross-check things using the psychmeta package from 
CRAN which explicitly concentrates on the Hunter-Schmidt approach.


On 29/05/2018 21:16, Caitlin Porter wrote:
>   Recently, I have been using the metafor program to run analyses for a
> meta-analysis based on the Hunter-Schmidt approach. I have been
> double-checking my own calculations with the program, and I found that my
> calculations of confidence intervals do not align with the calculations
> provided by metafor.
> I am using the SD of the corrected Rs as a basis for my CIs (square root of
> the variance of the corrected Rs/square root of k), as noted in Schmidt and
> Hunter (2013, p. 154, pp. 420-421). However, the confidence intervals that
> appear in the metafor output appear to be based upon the sampling error
> variance (the square root of Ave(ve)/square root of k).
> 1) Is there was a reason that the CIs in metafor are based upon this value
> as opposed to the one suggested by HS?
> 2) Is one approach preferred over the other?
> Thank you in advance for your insights on this matter!


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