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That's a creative solution :) I like it!


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Dear Wolfgang,

Thanks for the reply! That worked nicely.

A friend of mine also found another solution that may be helpful to other users. The code is below.

Best wishes,

# Creating a vector with species names
##spp <- c("S. proximum", "I. pustulosa", "N. maximus") 
# Creating a command to use expression and paste()
order <- paste("expression(italic('", spp, "'))", sep="")
# Using sapply and eval(parse()) to generate a list of expressions
ital <- sapply(ordem, function(x){eval(parse(text=x))}) 

# Use the ital object in forest()
forest(res, slab = ital) 

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 5:38 AM, Viechtbauer, Wolfgang (SP) wolfgang.viechtbauer using maastrichtuniversity.nl wrote:
Dear Alexandre, 
How about something like this: 
dat <- escalc(measure="RR", ai=tpos, bi=tneg, ci=cpos, di=cneg, data=dat.bcg) 
res <- rma(yi, vi, data=dat) 
forest(res, slab=NA) 
text(par()$usr[1], 13:1, dat$author, pos=4, font=3) 
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Dear All, 
I want to make a forest plot with subgroups using the forest() function of the 
'metafor' package. 
My code and potential plot is much similar to the one provided in the metafor 
doku page 
(http://www.metafor-project.org/doku.php/plots:forest_plot_with_subgroups), but 
with one simple difference: 
The "Author(s) and Year" column (figure below) is going to be replaced by a list 
of species names, and instead of a plain font, I want all species names to be in 
italics. In my code, I plotted the species names using the 'slab' argument, as 
the code below shows. 
forest(res.rma.mv,xlim=c(-10,9),ylim=c(3,108), ilab=ilab.text, 
ilab.xpos=c(-6,-4.5,-3),       slab=expression(italic(data$species.name)), 
I tried using the expression(italic()) function (and all its variants), but I 
always get the same error, regardless of which argument I use ('slab' or 
Error in forest.rma(res.rma.mv, xlim = c(-10, 9), ylim = c(3,108), ilab = 
expression(italic(random$sp)), : Number of outcomes does not correspond to the 
length of the 'ilab' argument. In addition: Warning message: In is.na(ilab) : 
is.na() applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'expression' 
Does any one know how to work around this? 
Best wishes,Alexandre 
--Alexandre Varaschin Palaoro, Dr.LAGE do Departamento de EcologiaUniversidade 
de São Paulo, Brazilhttp://alexandrevpalaoro.eco.br 
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