[R-meta] Error message in ML meta-analysis

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Dear G.J.,

Based on what you show, I cannot diagnose the problem.

What does class(microtrialmerge) show? How about class(microtrialmerge$smd_var)?

Even better, can you create a small fully reproducible example that creates this error?


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Hi everyone-after going back and running a multilevel meta-analysis that worked a few months ago, I got this error message:

> timeout.obs<-rma.mv(smd_rev, smd_var, random= ~esid | code, data=microtrialmerge)
Error in if (is.vector(V) || nrow(V) == 1L || ncol(V) == 1L) V <- diag(as.vector(V),  :
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

This is rather vexing because a) these exact same data and same command have run before, and b) I have checked and rechecked and cannot find any reason why this might be the case.  The yi and vi vectors are both k x 1 with no missing values, and I can't seem to find a logical in the metafor guidance that would require specification for this basic meta-analysis

Any assistance would be gratefully received...


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