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Hi everyone!
I would like to know what is the default method in random effects
meta-analysis in metafor.
My effect size (cohen's d) is not normally distributed. Does that matter?
Please reply as soon as possible.
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Perfect - it worked!

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> Dear Raynaud,
> Once you have the SMD values and corresponding sampling variances, the
> code is the same. Here is an example:
> library(metafor)
> ### load data
> dat <- get(data(dat.normand1999))
> ### calculate SMDs and corresponding sampling variances
> dat <- escalc(measure="SMD", m1i=m1i, sd1i=sd1i, n1i=n1i, m2i=m2i,
> sd2i=sd2i, n2i=n2i, data=dat)
> dat
> ### meta-analysis of SMD values using a random-effects model
> res <- rma(yi, vi, data=dat)
> res
> ### get prediction/credibility interval
> predict(res)
> If you have calculated the SMD values and variances yourself, you can skip
> the escalc() step and go straight to rma(). Adjust variables names as
> needed.
> Best,
> Wolfgang
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> Subject: [R-meta] predicted intervals in metafor
> Hi there,
> I would like to calculate predicted intervals in addition to my pooled
> estimate and CIs as I have plenty of between-study variation in my
> meta-analysis. I am using metafor package and my summary estimated is an
> effect size (SMD) and not odds ratios. The examples I have come across
> mainly focus on odds ratios and I wonder what to do for SMDs.
> I would appreciate if someone could suggest what function to use.
> Thank you,
> Raynaud

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