[R-meta] Assessing publication bias from multilevel modelling

Célia Sofia Moreira celiasofiamoreira at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 17:14:31 CET 2018


I am studying a pretest-posttest controlled design and I'm using metafor
and clubSandwich packages. In some papers, I collected more than one effect
size (from the same study sample). For this reason, I did multilevel
modelling using rma.mv function, with
random = ~ 1 |Study, struct = "UN".

I would like to perform a publication bias analysis, using funnel plots,
tests for funnel plots asymmetry, and Hemni and copas (HC) model. However,
since I am using rma.mv function, I can only depict (multilevel) funnel
plots; unfortunately, tests for funnel plots asymmetry and HC model are not
available for rma.mv....

Do you know any alternative way to test the asymmetry of my "multilevel"
funnel plots, as well as to compare with the HC modelling?

If not, can anybody please suggest other methods to assess publication bias
in this multilevel case?

Thank you very much,

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