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Ahmed Tarek tbedair.ahmed at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 20:46:20 CET 2018

Dear All,

In a previous email I have been explaining about a proportional meta analysis I have been performing. I am working on comparing the retention rates of different materials. I first took the approach of grouping different materials with similar follow up times , and calculating a summary proportion of all materials, however I later found out that performing a moderator analysis ( in this case “materials”) would only compare the materials against the summary proportion (?) , which is not my aim. I aim to see how each material performed, and compare directly between them. For example, I have materials A,B,C,D and I wish to compare the retention between A and B, to see if they are significantly different. 

So I am thinking I should calculate a summary proportion for each material alone, and then perhaps conduct a chi square test? to see if the summary means of each material is different? 

I would really appreciate any input. 
Attached is the summary proportion of all materials reporting retention after 3 years. For my paper, I want to highlight that the GI material is significantly worse than the Auto material. Could I still do that with moderator analysis?

Ahmed Bedir

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