[R-meta] diagnostic meta-analysis of studies with multiple reader

Mario Petretta petretta at unina.it
Fri Feb 2 18:18:03 CET 2018

Dear all.

I'm planning a diagnostic meta-analysis with an imaging test and a binary
outcome (yes/no) .

Some (not all) studies contain multiple readers, which means that more than
one physician interprets each examination.

At present, it appears that there are no recommendations for which strategy
is optimal (see Eur J Radiol. 2017;93:59-64 Systematic Reviews 2017;6:194).

I would appreciate very much suggestions on this topic. 


Thanks for the attention.



Mario Petretta




Mario Petretta, MD, FAHA

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Department of Translational Medical Sciences

Naples University "Federico II" - Italy


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