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Fri Aug 31 15:52:32 CEST 2018

Hello metafor community,

I have one last question on forest plots - I am trying to add labels to the
forest plot ("Study", "Weights", "Cohen's d [95%]"). From the metafor
instruction I understand I do this via the ilab, ilab.xpos functions.
Adding the commands

ilab.xpos = c(-5, -3, -1), ilab = c("Study", "Weight", "Cohen's d [95%]")

to the forest command does not work though. Does anyone know what my
mistake is?

See code below. All the best, and thank you so much. Antonia

yi = c(0.2083, 0.2348, 0.3879)                     #Cohens's d
vi = c(0.0101, 0.0124, 0.0126)                      #variance
study<-c("Study 1", "Study 2", "Study 3")

summary(meta <- rma(yi=yi, vi=vi, method= "FE", slab=c("Study 1", "Study
2", "Study 3")))
forest(meta, xlab = "Cohen's d", showweights = TRUE)

Antonia Sudkämper
PhD Candidate in Organizational Psychology/University of Exeter
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