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Martineau, Roger Roger.Martineau at AGR.GC.CA
Fri Apr 13 14:58:03 CEST 2018

Thanks Dr Viechtbauer,

I asked our statistician (Steve Méthot) to run the suggested model in SAS for me and he had to make 1 modification to get P-value and CIs for x1 (not reported in the output otherwise).

model y = intcpt x1 / solution cl noint ddf=10000;

was changed for :

model y = intcpt x1 / solution cl noint ddf=10000,10000;

We got the exact same results except for fit statistics which differ a little bit but I guess this depends on the way each program calculates them.

[cid:image001.png at 01D3D305.87348660]

Multivariate Meta-Analysis Model (k = 192; method: REML)

    logLik    Deviance         AIC         BIC        AICc

-1083.9130   2167.8260   2175.8260   2188.8141   2176.0422

Thanks again,

roger ☺

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