[R-meta] Handling dependencies among multiple independent and dependent variables

Jens Schüler jens.schueler at wiwi.uni-kl.de
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Hi Wolfgang,

I drew 9 variables of interest from 422 samples and 8 of these variables
will make it into the MASEM.
Some of these samples report "multiple measurements" on one or more of these
variables e.g. return on investment and return on assets for financial
performance - hence the question about the dependency handling.
However, the correlations are reported very inconsistently across these
samples, I have 2063 observations drawn from these samples and the V matrix
produced by rmat turned out to be non-positive definite.
For fun (self educational reasons) I used the nearPD function on it just to
test how things go but then the rma.mv function threw an error: Ratio of
largest to smallest sampling variance extremely large. Cannot obtain stable

I guess the data I have is too thin/imperfect to properly account for
dependencies in such an advanced way.


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Glad you found that page -- I would have direct you there anyway.

How many parameters are you actually trying to estimate?


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Nevermind, I just went through your info on speeding up model fitting: 

Even though I am using an AMD R5 processor with 6 physical cores, I decided
to give the MKL avenue a shot and well, it cranked the CPU usage up from
about 7% to 55% - hopefully this speeds things up.


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Hi Wolfgang,

after rearranging my coding sheet, the rmat function worked like a charm (of
course I screwed up here and there before I got it right).
However, currently I am wondering about the computational performance of
matrix calculations in R.

My data consists of ~ 1700 observations drawn from 422 samples and the
rma.mv function is currently up and running for over 5 hours.
I use the latest base version of R, together with R Studio, and have a
potent CPU in my desktop - of which R only uses about 7%.
Thus, are the calculations really that lengthy/tedious or is it more likely
that I still screwed something up?


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