[R-meta] Ratio of Means

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I've updated:


It now shows how to get the regression of the underlying effects and also how to draw the confidence ellipse.

The 5.99 comes from qchisq(.95, df=2).

Note that the ellipse in the paper (Figure 5) seems to be drawn incorrectly.


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Thanks to Gerta, Wolfgang, Michael, and James for comments and pointers to functions and codes.

In my data set the slope is one (0.97 +/- 0.04).

The QE for residual heterogeneity is very large (~30000).

In van Houwelingen (page 605, Figure 5) a coverage ellipse is plotted for vaccination data.

An equation is shown in the figure legend.

I don’t understand the source of the constant (5.99) on the rhs.



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