[R-meta] Meta-analysis with proportion and mean data

M West m.westinbrook at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 23:08:40 CEST 2017


I am gathering data for a meta-analysis. So far, most of the studies report
the results as the percentage reduction in the focal trait (i.e., percent
weight loss) in the control group vs. the percentage reduction in the focal
trait (percent weight loss) in the treatment group (and the SE). However, a
small subset of studies report the actual means of the control (i.e., mean
weight +/- SE) and the treatment (mean weight +/- SE).

My question is, should I convert the smaller subset into proportions so
that all of the data are the same (or v.v.,)? i.e., is that ok to do (i.e.,
since I am using other people's data)? Or would it be better to analyze the
data separately? (my apologies, I know this seems like a rather silly
question, but I feel a bit stumped).

Many thanks in advance for your helpful (and patient) answers!


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