[R-SIG-Mac] How can I stop my R console and other R windows "flickering" after I updated my Mac OS to Sonoma 14.0?

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Sat Sep 30 18:46:50 CEST 2023

Dear All,

I updated my Apple Silicon M1 Pro MacBook from Ventura to Sonoma 14.0. I have the latest version of R for Apple Silicon (4.3.1, "Beagle Scouts"). I also have the latest version of XQuartz (2.8.5).

On Ventura, my R setup worked fine ("classic" R.app GUI using console and script windows, not Rstudio or terminal). However, with Sonoma, when I try and toggle between the R console and an R script, the windows transition at very high speed between each other, making it nearly impossible to select either the console or the script.

This "flickering" phenomenon lasts for ~ 10-15 seconds each time I change windows between console and script, making the software nearly unusable. Changing the screen refresh rate does not help.

The problem is specific for R.app and does not affect other software.

Any suggestions gratefully received. I have also posted this question to stackoverflow.

Many thanks,

Desmond Smith


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