[R-SIG-Mac] R , RCPP unsing MACOS ventura

Michael Hall m|k3h@|| @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Mar 14 22:46:10 CET 2023

> On Mar 14, 2023, at 3:50 PM, Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek using R-project.org> wrote:
> Well, what I saw in the searches what that it was a problem with Homebrew tools breaking on that flag. Again, it's all speculation, because no one posted the actual issue ... so it's anyone's guess what this is all about until someone actually posts the details I asked for - I don't see that problem myself, but I don't use Homebrew (at least not on the default PATH).
> Cheers,
> Simon

As you said earlier.

> The error suggests your are using compilers that don't support your system.

It doesn’t seem to recognize a 13.2 system. This could well be because it is trying to use a homebrew gcc that isn’t playing well with the Xcode command line tools.

The xcode-select -version that I showed earlier was supposed to indicate what version of the command line tools you are using no matter with what Xcode.app although I’m not sure exactly how you are supposed to correspond the CLT version to the OS one.

gcc —version should I think tell you if you have a homebrew or Apple one.

If homebrew is the culprit following the homebrew suggestion of uninstalling and reinstalling CLT would still seem to me to be worth the attempt.

If something is hardcoded in PATH messing up search orders that would be a different issue. 

Uninstalling homebrew as I think you suggested seems to be throwing out the baby, the bath water and the kitchen sink. There should be a less drastic solution.

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