[R-SIG-Mac] I'm new to R in a Mac. How do I specify the path in read.table()?

Parkhurst, David F. p@rkhur@ @end|ng |rom |nd|@n@@edu
Mon Feb 15 15:39:09 CET 2021

I’ve got it working now given help from several people.  Yes, I’ve used windows since it first came out, and DOS before that.  I switched to a Mac maybe 18 months ago when MS said they wouldn’t support windows 7 any more, and I didn’t like my wife’s windows 10.  I’m still learning (and have just taken up R after not using it for years.). The Apple support people have taught me a lot!

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Subject: Re: [R-SIG-Mac] I'm new to R in a Mac. How do I specify the path in read.table()?

I thought I saw advice on this issue already that noted you could not use backslashes in file paths on a Mac. Have you tried with “/Users/DFP/Desktop/Monroe319Ecoli.txt”?  Do you come from a Windows background?

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I�ve tried for over an hour to figure this out with no luck.  I�ve moved the text file (created from excel) to the desktop to simplify the path.  If I click on the file and ask Get Info, it lists �Where� as  iCloud Drive > Desktop.  If I copy that to the clipboard and paste that into a read.table command in the R interface, it comes up as /Users/DFP/Desktop.  But if I try read.table("\\Users\\DFP\\Desktop\\Monroe319Ecoli.txt"), I get No such file or directory.  How can I get that file into a data frame?

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