[R-SIG-Mac] Bug report: R.app drops Enter key in editor window after line evaluation

Girish Palya g|r|@hj| @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Feb 11 09:51:32 CET 2021

To reproduce:
- Open editor window (Cmd-N)
- type some command (say, x <- 3)
- hit Cmd-Enter (to evaluate line; cursor stays on the line)
- hit Enter again (nothing happens - why?)
- hit Enter the second time (cursor goes to the new line, as expected)

I don't see the same problem in the command prompt window. This problem
happens only in the editor window.

I am using:
R for macOS GUI 1.74-devel Catalina build (7917), on Macbook Air.


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