[R-SIG-Mac] R 4.1.1 installer Apple notarization

Simon Urbanek @|mon@urb@nek @end|ng |rom R-project@org
Sat Aug 14 22:07:27 CEST 2021

The R 4.1.1 package installers have not been notarized when first released, however, the notarization has been completed after the release. The notarization receipts have been then added to the packages, so the most current releases have the following hashes:

MD5:MD5(base/R-4.1.1.pkg)= 0e9684e8fc9c8a5eda675aef99c6a6ee
MD5:MD5(big-sur-arm64/base/R-4.1.1-arm64.pkg)= f7a249c9a4b5f32efbfd44b821a6a846

SHA1:SHA1(base/R-4.1.1.pkg)= d0eed7d0755bc80911acb616508d41e1396f810e
SHA1:SHA1(big-sur-arm64/base/R-4.1.1-arm64.pkg)= e58f4b78f9e4d347a12cc9160ee69d3d23e69f3b

You can check your download for the receipt by comparing the hash above. The actual contents of the released packages are identical, they only vary by the absence or presence of the notarization receipt which allows off-line notarization check. If in doubt, you can always download from http://mac.R-project.org/bin/macosx which has always the latest version.

If you use the files without receipts from Aug 10, they will install since the package itself was notarized, but you will need internet connection to allow installer to pull the notarization receipt from Apple.


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