[R-SIG-Mac] Some introductory questions

Ken Beath ken @end|ng |rom kjbe@th@com@@u
Mon Sep 7 07:09:54 CEST 2020

> On 7 Sep 2020, at 9:31 am, Mike Feher <mfeher1971 using gmail.com> wrote:

> 2. Are these objects, etc. stored on disk somewhere, or are they only
> accessible via the interfaces?  For example, I would be interested to see
> the source code for the demo examples to learn how to do certain things, if
> this is possible.  (It appeared as if the code for each demo that is
> executed as part of the ‘demo()’ command displayed in my R console, but I
> just want to be sure about this.)

How to find the demo files is contained in the demo help. Type ?demo

> 4. I tried to read in a set of dummy space-delimited data saved in an
> absolute path on my computer, but it would not work.  I tried something in
> another path that did not have a subfolder with a space in it (I.e. I plan
> on storing my data in a folder called “R Documents” or something similar)
> and that didn’t work either, so I’m still wondering whether or not (a)
> things have to be in the library location (it seems like you could
> customize that) and (b) whether R recognizes spaces in file paths.

Try using file.choose() to locate files using a dialog and it will return the full name. Spaces shouldn’t matter provided that everything is enclosed in quotes. Most people don’t use absolute references. They set the working directory and then just use the name of the file. See under the Misc menu. 


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